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Managing Director

We are TG.COM, a professional company of international logistics.

Since the year 2000, we have always been at the service of the National Development through our mission which is "For our customers, to diligente to the good port their goods in completeness in the security and the celerity. This noble mission challenges us to always satisfy our customers who do us the honor to entrust us with their properties. At this price, we will build loyalty and develop our clientele while contributing to the development of their respective projects. With this in mind, we are committed to continuously improving their satisfaction through a management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 that will allow us to meet all applicable requirements.

To achieve this, I pledge to implement the resources and conditions necessary for the proper functioning of the SM as well as the continuous improvement of its performance, which will be evaluated through appropriate frameworks, including audits and reporting. management review.

I invite all the collaborators to an active synergy so that in team we carry the PROJECT to the achievement of its vision and this, in the satisfaction of the relevant interested parties (PIP).

In our ecosystem, we will work in networking to better address the environmental issues that we will exploit as opportunities for the realization of our performance.

TG COM BURKINA ltd was established in 2000, and practices in the field of international logistics.

With its dynamic and experienced staff, mastering all customs procedures and ready to serve you for all your logistical and customs operations.

With a fleet of refrigerated trucks, hydrocarbon tanks, and container doors equipped with GPRS support and satellite tracking

We are located in Ouagadougou in front of the west interchange on the south side, located in Gounghin.


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